We are a diversified bulk transportation company servicing the dry, liquid and compressed gas industry with its transportation needs throughout North America. With terminals located in Southern Ontario, Northern Ontario, and Eastern Ontario and Québec, and with professional operators located all through Ontario and Québec, we are strategically structured to provide superior customer service. With a 24 hour customs support centre, 6 maintenance facilities and 6 internal wash bays are ready to meet our customer's specific needs. 

Our continuous goal is to accurately invoice our customer for delivery of impurity-free products, on time, and in a clean and well-maintained unit. In pursuing this goal, we remain focused on continual improvement as we operate safely and with a high regard for the environment. We shall employ properly trained, qualified people and utilize equipment of high caliber. By meeting or exceeding the requirements of our valued customers, the company and its unit-holders shall receive fair and reasonable compensation for the services provided. 

Contrans Tank Group is a member of TFI International, a North American leader in the transportation and logistics industry. 


Contrans Tank Group is committed to our Safety and Compliance programs, and are always looking at new technology and strategies to enhance our Safety Culture. We're committed to maintaining strong CVOR and CSA ratings at all times and are extremely proud of the efforts by our operations and operators to maintain those good ratings. We have always put a strong emphasis on our dedication to safety, not just for our operators, but for our customers and the general public on the road. 

Have a safety concern or would like to comment on one of our professional drivers?

Call us at 1-800-465-8265 (ask for Safety) and let us know. 


With maintenance facilities located in Burford, ON, Woodstock, ON, Cardinal, ON, Perth, ON, Norwood, ON, and Bedford, QC, we have structured our operations to always meet our customers' needs while ensuring our equipment is maintained to the highest standard. 

With decades of bulk tank experience, we understand the importance of product integrity and have a reputation of delivering impurity free products. We employ tractor and trailer mechanics on all shifts and are always prepared to perform the next service or take the next repair. Image is very important to us, and our shop/wash bays are key to help maintain that image.