With a dedicated construction materials division, we are servicing cement producers as well as various end users. These include ready-mix, pre-cast, paving, block, and construction facilities throughout Ontario, Québec, and the United States. The division is predominately multi-axle equipment, with 4, 5, and 6 axle pneumatic tankers to maximize payloads, as well as tandem tanks which are available to operate in all of the United States. With a large fleet located throughout Ontario hauling various cement powders, silica fume, fly ash, and cement kiln dust, we are one of the largest carriers servicing the construction industry. 


Operating throughout North America, our dry bulk special commodities division is hauling various dry bulk commodities in pneumatic tankers. With an extensive fleet of tandem tankers, 4 axle, 5 axle, and 6 axle tankers as well as B-trains, we are able to service all of our customers' needs. 

With the capacity to haul virtually all dry bulk commodities and the ability to offer specialized services such as portable storage tanks (Pigs) and vacuum trailers, we work with our customers to maximize their efficiency or assist in emergency volumes. The types of products we commonly haul include various grades of lime, calcium, sand, malt, clays, plastics, and cornstarch. We have equipment with overweight permits, in-house non-hazardous internal wash bays, properly trained operators, and the commitment to be an industry leader in both safety and customer service.  


We have a dedicated fleet of kosher food grade liquid tankers operating out of our Southern Ontario and Eastern Ontario terminals comprised of tandem, tridem, 4 axles, 5 axles, and 6 axle tankers. Equipped with hydraulically driven food grade pumps, these tankers are used to service the food and beverage industry across Canada and the U.S. We have our own in-house Food Grade wash bay, located in Burford, ON. 


With a fleet of kosher trailers that range from tandem to B-trains, including vacuum trailers, we are ready 24/7 to deliver your product anywhere your business requires. With experience shipping products like flour, grains, refined sugars, and corn starches, our professionally trained drivers are ready to go anywhere in North America, depending on our customer's needs. 


We have a dedicated fleet of tandem heated specialized trailers equipped with pumps to service the chocolate industry. We load and deliver to customers throughout Ontario, Québec, and the United States. Our Burford, ON location also has an in-house wash that we rely on to wash and maintain our chocolate trailers so that they always meet our high quality standards. 


With the acquisition of a long haul liquid chemical division in 2006, Contrans Tank Group has since grown to be one of the top companies in the liquid chemical transportation industry. Hauling various liquid chemicals, including petro chemicals, hazardous materials, and liquid waste throughout North America, we are committed to superior customer service while operating with utmost regard for safety to both the public and environment. With experienced operators and a dedicated operations team, our large fleet of tandem, multi axle, and compartment trailers is well positioned to service all of our customers' needs. 


We have a fleet of bulk propane tankers that haul propane and butane throughout Ontario and into Québec and the United States. Our fleet consists of B-trains, 4 axles, and tandems, and our operators are strategically located to meet each customers' needs.

Our Propane equipment is well positioned to meet the needs of our current customer base, while having additional capacity to react to peak season volumes.


Hauling throughout Ontario, Québec, and the United States, Contrans Tank Group has a dedicated Acid Division. Comprised of all 412 spec tandem and multi axle tankers, and operating with New York Fl divisible load permits, we are set up to service our customer's needs and are prepared to take on any new available acid work.